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An introduction to moringa


The following article is not medical advice. If you have a medical issue, always seek the advice of a certified medical professional.

Moringa oleifera is known as the drumstick tree, Ben oil tree or the horseradish tree. It is native to the foothills of northwestern India and is now cultivated around the world as a valuable, drought-resistant, multi-purpose crop.

Moringa seed pods can be boiled and used as an ingredient in regional soups and curries. The seeds themselves can be cooked like peas or roasted and eaten like nuts. The seeds are also pressed to extract their essential oil which is known as Ben oil. Ben oil is edible and can be used as salad oil or even made into soap or used as a clean burning fuel. Ben oil is also used as a base for perfumes and at one time was used for lubricating fine machinery like watches and clocks. The roots of the moringa tree are sometimes shredded and used as a condiment that tastes similar to horseradish.

Moringa leaves are the most nutritious part of this versatile plant. The leaves contain significant amounts of important vitamins and minerals and also contain a considerable amount of protein. Because of these attributes, many people consider moringa to be an important super food. Raw moringa leaves are often cooked and eaten like spinach or are dried and powdered so they can be made into different soups and sauces. The powdered leaves can also be used like matcha powder! Dried moringa leaves are also used to make tasty and nutritious herbal tea. The uses of this magnificent plant are almost endless!

This is just a basic introduction, we encourage you to research the many uses of this amazing tree. Are you a fan of moringa? Let us know in the comments section!



  • Hello Valentin! This is quite impressive, the information you have outlined here is what most of the consumers are unaware of.

    Sufyanah Mahmoud
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    it’s really magic tree,

    Asma Ahsan
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    Rubab Umer
  • Acha moringa ka plant aisa hota hai mjy nahi pata tha.

    Rubab Umer
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    Rubab Umer

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