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Celebrate National Tea Day With Us!

"Tea is the elixir of life" - Lao Tzu
     To celebrate National Tea Day (a British holiday), which falls on April 21st, for the whole month of April with any purchase you make of teas or spices we will be including a free of charge addition of Green tea and Black tea. 
    Green tea (originally known as cha) is the oldest and first recorded tea in the history of teas. Although originating in China, it has spread extensively throughout many Asian cultures and countries. There is a story that dates the Green tea first being steeped in 2737 BC by Emperor Shennong - ruler of China. It is said that he was out on one of his travels with his convoy, and when they stopped to rest a few tea leaves fell into his cup of hot water turning it a dark color, but neither noticed. Later when this cup was consumed by the emperor, he found it to be extremely refreshing and requested that the drink be prepared for him. This story is important in the history of teas because it is the first recording of tea and it's ingestion. 
    Before Black tea, the only teas consumed in China were green and oolong teas. The tale behind the origin of Black tea is that while a passing army was entering the Fujian province, they decided to take shelter next to a tea factory. Leaves were left out in the sun to dry but to quicken the process of drying them, they decided to smoke the leaves over pine wood thus creating the very first black tea. It has also been identified as "red tea" because of the dark color of the dry leaves. 
   ** We have two types of Green Tea: Decaffeinated, and caffeinated. If you prefer us to send one over the other with your Black Tea just send us a quick email when placing your order! 
                              Thank you, and enjoy the month of April! 


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