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Ultimate Sale of the Summer!

Get your free package of Pico de Gallo, plus one free Hibiscus herbal tea and beat the summer heat! Grab a packet of Pico de Gallo seasoning and sprinkle it over juicy fruits such as mangoes, apples, watermelon and much much more! Squeeze some fresh limes over your favorite fruits, and enjoy the tangy sweetness mixed with spice! Some people even choose to use Pico de Gallo in their cooking - like for example fish or meats. Even on avocados! Don't miss your chance to have a fresh cup or pitcher, of iced Hibiscus herbal tea (Jamaica) to drink for those warm summer days! 

What do you sprinkle Pico de Gallo over? Got any recipe ideas you'd like to have posted on our website? Please share with us down below in our comments section! We love reading our customer reviews! 

Happy Summer! 


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