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Seven Blossoms Herbal Tea - 7 Azahares

7 Blossoms Relax Herbal Tea

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.4 oz package, 8 tea bags

Our Seven Blossoms (Siete Azahares) herbal tea is a great tasting traditional tea that is originally from Mexico. Some herbalists believe that the ingredients used in this herbal mixture contain great calming properties. This herbal tea is caffeine free! You can enjoy a cup before you go to bed or any time you would like to relax and take a break. So, take some time to calm down, relax and enjoy the wonderful taste, aroma and beneficial properties of this marvelous natural blend.

God's Garden Pharmacy Seven Blossoms tea contains a unique blend of the following herbs: Passion flower, orange blossom, linden, lemon balm, lemon grass, rose buds, hops, hand flower and stevia.

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