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Organic Alfalfa with Peppermint Herbal Tea

Organic Alfalfa Herbal Tea with Peppermint

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.28 oz package, 8 tea bags

Enjoy this excellent herbal beverage with all of it's beneficial properties. This herbal tea is used by many to support the digestive system. For best results, infuse for 7 - 10 minutes and sweeten to taste. This herbal tea contains only organic alfalfa and organic peppermint.

Alfalfa appears to have been first cultivated in ancient Iran for use as animal feed and for human consumption. The alfalfa plant is in the legume family and is related to the pea plant. It can be harvested up to twelve times a year! In many regions alfalfa is known as "lucerne". Alfalfa is high in nutrients and is of the most important sources of animal feed in use today.