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Dill seeds, whole - eneldo semillas

Dill Seed

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Dill has been used to season the foods of many cultures for centuries. In Poland, dill weed is often added to sour cream for use as a dressing or to make the salad "mizeria". Dill tea, made with water or white wine, is a popular folk remedy for an upset stomach and gas pain. Dill seeds will add a lot of extra herbal flavor to your cooking.

Dill is grown all over Eurasia, the leaves and seeds are both used to season foods. The dried leaves are also known as dill weed. The seeds taste similar to caraway and are often used for pickling. The oil extracted from the dill plant are used to make certain kinds of soap. Dill is especially popular in central and eastern Europe, Russia and the Baltic states but is used as a culinary herb all over the world.