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Eucalyptus Tea - te eucalypto

Eucalyptus Herbal Tea

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.5 oz package, 10 tea bags

God's Garden Pharmacy Eucalyptus Herbal Tea!

There are over 700 varieties of eucalyptus found on earth and most of them are originally from Australia. Only nine species of this plant are non-native to the continent. The Blue Mountains in Australia were named for the bluish mist caused by the vapors released from the eucalyptus forest on hot days.

Eucalyptus was spread all over the world by explorers and traders. The trees grow relatively quickly, so they were a good source of wood for construction. The oils from the trees are extracted and used to flavor sweets and to make cough drops and decongestants. The oil is also known to repel certain insects and can be found in commercial mosquito repellents.