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Organic lemon grass herbal tea - Té de limon organico

Organic Lemon Grass Herbal Tea

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.28 oz package, 8 tea bags

Enjoy the aroma of fresh cut lemons from this calming, tasty herbal tea. Lemon grass is also used as a culinary herb in curries and soups. The flavor goes well with poultry, beef, fish and seafood recipes. It has a wonderful, subtle citrus flavor and smell. The lemongrass plant naturally repels some nuisance insects.

Lemon grass is native to South and Southeast Asia but can be grown anywhere that doesn't frost. It is found all over the Philippines and Indonesia where it is called "tangalad" or "sereh".  Lemon grass is not only used for teas and cooking, bee keepers will sometimes use the essential oil to attract new swarms.