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Herbal Salad Recipe

Some people are so lucky that they have their own personal backyard garden! But all you need for this quick, healthy, and affordable meal is access to a farmers’ market and a few familiar ingredients. It is important to remember that you can make good food without being a full-time professional chef. There is also no reason you need to break the bank. While God’s Garden Pharmacy creates over 200 different spices, you can use whatever herbal mixture you prefer for this recipe. Herb mixes are what will bring your food to the next level! There are numerous health benefits to eating a fresh, tasty salad mix for a meal. The dark green leafy vegetables especially will add vitamins to...

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Important Announcement: Our New Website is Up!

For many years, customers having been demanding that we make our product available online. Well, the wait is over! Welcome to our new website. After being in the business of herbal teas and culinary herbs for thirty years, we have done it! We look forward to a new journey with you in the digital chapter of God's Garden Pharmacy. I personally assure you that we will continue our tradition of high quality standards. In this spirit, we will continue to never use gluten, monosodium glutamate, artificial colors or artificial flavors. I would like to thank Phil and Joe, who helped me get this long overdue website up. Please take a moment to visit Joe's website (https://techie.design) and let him know that...

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